August 6, 2017

Joanna + Jeff | Leatherwood Ranch Wedding | High Country Wedding | Boone, North Carolina

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Maybe if I had Joanna’s guts, I wouldn’t be single right now. I love this woman. As soon as I met her, I just knew we’d connect and have fun. Anyone who knows her agrees that she is not only lovely on the outside, but her heart is so genuine and full of joy. She overflows with confidence and it paid off the day that she met Jeff.

If you’re a church goer and you’re single, you’re probably fully aware of the church watering hole where singles converge in the hopes of meeting their soul mate. If you’re like me, you’re cringing at the pain of the many awkward encounters and weirdo singles. Well, as it turns out, Joanna and Jeff met at  their church event at Summit Church in Raleigh. It was their first time and bam…they meet. No fair!  She spotted him, started chatting him up and adorably asked him if she could sit near him. He obliged and the rest is history.

Jeff had been praying and waiting and praying and waiting and with the nudge of his best friend, finally sucked it up and tried. He met Joanna and I am sure he knew it was no chance encounter. He’s the quiet and logical type and she’s the bubbly and vibrant type. The two are a perfect match. The engineer and the nurse got married on a beautiful spring day right outside of Boone, NC at Leatherwood Resort.

Leatherwood  is perfect for that couple that loves the high country North Carolina feel. With family and friends staying up and down the mountain, everything felt cozy and easy going.  The ceremony and reception were nestled at the bottom of the mountain. A rustic cabin is the backdrop of both the ceremony and reception. A lazy creek flows along side with mossy covered cypress and oak trees that shelter the cabin. Joanna and Jeff chose cozy touches of blankets, smores and fire pits to warm themselves and enjoy soaking in the crisp mountain air.

A huge congratulations to these two sweethearts. Enjoy a little snippet of their day. My favorite part is the sheer joy and laughter on Joanna’s face. Jeff has a lifetime of entertainment ahead of him and the two have a lifetime of joy to look forward to.


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