February 14, 2017

Annie + Lance | Yates Mill Pond Park Raleigh NC Engagement | Valentine’s Day

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I’m sitting here at Panera editing, listening to anything uplifting and stuffing my face with carbs. Cause….for the rest of us..this day is National Single Awareness day or just Taco Tuesday,  lol.  Truly, the irony of my life is capturing the world’s love stories while I wait for decades for my own. My day started out with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I think somehow a spoonful of jaded was added to my morning coffee, but after listening to some life-giving and faith building music and talks, the fog started lifting. Even more than fog lifting, came a sweetness and an unexpected source of encouragement from editing this session.  Even a smile…yes..a weird smile as I sit staring at my computer. Onlookers must think I am weird.

I have known sweet Annie since she was a teenager. Since she was FIFTEEN….how can that be!?  She has always been a bright, sweet and bubbly young lady but now she is all of those things with depth, fire and maturity beyond her years. I love her sense of adventure, confidence and determination to be her very best at whatever she puts her hand to. I stalk her on instagram…she’s oozes awesomeness. Apparently, Lance thinks so too! Ladies…I’m here to encourage you. Hashtags CAN bring you the love of your life. Don’t let anyone give you gripe over your determination to hashtag every event in your life. DO IT!

Lance found Annie with the hashtag, #BlueRidgeMoments.  No joke. They both love the mountains and gorgeous Annie had posted her adventures in the Blue Ridge mountains and bam…the hotties found each other! He was smitten. Can you blame him? She’s gorgeous. He reached out to her and they hit it off big time. Can we just take a minute….A HASHTAG ya’ll!

I asked Annie to gush about their story in her own words:

“We met in the most unconventional way. I didn’t expect to have to tell people that I met my (soon-to-be) husband on Instagram. But, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I met him and immediately knew that he was it. He told me that he had asked the Lord for exactly me. When he saw my picture on Instagram, he prayed and asked for the woman he prayed for to be me. We met and immediately clicked. What helped was that he really connected with my family, and my dad loved him. I felt as if I had known him my entire life. He is my best friend and my exact opposite. He balances me in all the best ways. He completes me.”

I am so honored and thrilled that years later, I get to capture Annie’s big day to her mountain lovin’ dreamboat. I know, I’m cheesy. Can’t be helped.

Now, let’s get back to me. Any and all suggestions for magical, future groom getting hashtags are welcomed. Please comment below! Otherwise, please pass on MY instagram @jchristinaphoto to any sweet, kind hearted, tallish, goofy, Jesus loving single men you might know. I am only half kidding. I’m not kidding at all. At. ALL. #Shameless

Haha…Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To some of you….it’s just Taco Tuesday…go forth and gorge on tacos.

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