September 21, 2016

Alexa + Sam Jordan | Cape Fear Botanical Gardens

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I can’t express how much I adore Alexa and Sam. I photographed their gorgeous wedding last year and it had to be featured on my new blog. Unfortunately, I lost all of my blog content from the very beginning of my business. I am honored to start a fresh chapter of my blog with two of my favorite people.

There are times as a photographer that you just get it–you get why you get to do what you do and why God privileged me with the honor of capturing the most joyful day of a person’s life. A wedding day is the day that is a prayer answered by more than just the bride and groom. It is the day that a young couple from decades before dreamt of. As they held their baby girl or baby boy in their arms for the first time…they dreamed of the day they would give their little one away to the spouse they ardently prayed  for. They trusted the God of the universe to answer the prayer to find someone in this great big world that would love their child as much as they do and if possible, even more.  Alexa and Sam’s day was that promise fulfilled…that prayer answered for all of their loved ones that watched them grow into the incredible humans they are. Their day was full of joy, peace and the presence of God. It was all that a wedding day should be.

The entire affair was held at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, NC. Their color scheme was absolutely a dream–deep green, gold and touches of pale pink. Bridesmaids in flowing chiffon and groomsmen in classic black tuxes.

I included a few bridal portraits which we took at Alexa’s home church, Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.

Alexa on Sam and her gorgeous day, in her own words:

“Sam and I began dating when we were both 18, so we always knew that when we got married it would be in our hometown of Fayetteville, NC. It was the perfect summer day in September surrounded by our friends and family.

We wanted our wedding to be a worshipful experience, so our first thought was to have Pastor John Cook officiate, as he is the pastor of the church that I grew up attending in Fayetteville and have Giles Blankenship share his beautiful music. They both made sure to help us plan a wedding ceremony that reflected our love for each other as well as our love and commitment to Jesus.

When we started planning our wedding we knew that it was important to both of us to make all of our guests feel welcome and to honor our heritage. My late grandmother’s ring was in my bouquet; the table that sat in her house was the table that held our guest book; Sam’s father was his best man; the dress that our flower girl, Lily, wore was the same dress her mother wore on my parents’ wedding day twenty-eight years ago; a piece of my sweet friend Connor’s prom dress was sewn into the back of my dress to serve as a “something blue”; my mother’s dress was remade so that I could wear it to the reception; Sam loves everything Carolina Basketball and Michael Jordan related, so our stadium cup design reflected just that.

The colors that we chose, emerald and gold, perfectly reflected the beauty of the venue, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day and wonderful people surrounding us as we said our vows to each other. We had the best time at our reception and the night was filled with our very favorite thing to do together: dancing. Every part of the day was perfect, but perhaps the best part was having everyone we love in one room. It was awesome!”

I was tickled that Alexa submitted her wedding to a fabulous new southern blog that features gorgeous southern weddings. Their wedding will be featured next Wednesday!  Check out Haute Cotton Weddings!

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Venue: Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Fayetteville, NC

Event Planning: Unveiled Design & Events, Fayetteville, NC

Catering: Elliotts Catering Company, Pinehurst, NC

Cake: Sweet Fi’s Cakes, Southern Pines, NC

Craft Beer: The Mash House Brewing Company, Fayetteville, NC

Florist: Jeffrey’s Florist, Dunn, NC

Lighting and Sound: Five Star Entertainment

Band: Fantasy Band, East Coast Entertainment

Photography: J. Christina Photography

Videography: Twenty-One Films

Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale

Hair and Makeup: Updo Studio, Kernersville, NC

Invitation: Minted

Program and Seating Chart Design: He Saw Sparks

Reception Thank You Design: That Pretty Invitation

Printing: Williams Printing, Fayetteville, NC

#apairofjordans Design: Rose Spell

Stadium Cups: Promotional Considerations, Inc.

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